Radovin is situated 18km north from Zadar, at the slope extended from village Krneza to village Slivnica. It’s surrounded by beautiful fields and rich with vivid waters. Since 1963, on the site of Beretinova gradina, nearby, the remains of Liburnian settlement from prehistoric times were found (defense walls, rectangular base houses built in stone etc.)

Large quantities of pottery and other container materials that were found there are the proofs that the settlement was inhabited during Roman time. During Turk attacks, in the medieval times, Radovin was an important guard place for very wide territory of Zadar and Nin. No one from surrounding villages like Islam, Poličnik, Nadin or Zemunik could pass by unnoticed. Many remains from that age and from earlier ages, found at Beretinova glavica, witness the strategic importance of Radovin.