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Visit Croatia. Share Croatia. #lovecroatia

Visit Croatia. Share Croatia. #lovecroatia

Within promotional campaiagn in progress„Visit Croatia. Share Croatia“, Croatian Tourist Board starts a separate web site www.ShareCroatia.hr, that will transmitt in real-time, turist photo and video moments in Croatia. The campaign is based on the idea of sharing experiences that tourists have experienced on their trip in Croatia.

The news is in concept where in the role of actors, directors, models and presenters of Croatia, are real life people that have visited Croatia and want to share their experience with the whole world.

Studies have shown that the users use different platforms and that except for the search and comparisons of the offers, internet is a very important source of inspiration how to chose a place to travel to. It also emphasizes rising importance of video materials.

That’s why, in order to maximize the potential of social networks, a website www.ShareCroatia.hr was created. This website will, in real time, collect and transmit photo and video materials that tourists publish with the label #lovecroatia and #sharecroatia.

This campaign allows every visitor to show the whole world what made him thrilled about Croatia, and collected content, as a relevant recommendation to the future visitors, could be used on other online platforms.