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The opening of the exhibition „A little bit of art“ in Ražanac

The opening of the exhibition „A little bit of art“ in Ražanac

As a part o Ražanacs’ cultural summer 2014., at the Library Juraj Baraković in Ražanac, on July 4th, an opening ceremony of the exhibition of artworks of artists from the Munnicipality of Ražanac was held. The exhibition „A little bit of art“ was organized by Tourist office Ražanac, Local board Ražanac, Library Juraj Baraković, artists and volunteers. It was the  first event of many  cultural events that will take place during this summer at the area of Ražanac. A large number of villagers, both local and foreign, showed interest in presenting and exposing their work. Various art works were exhibited: paintings in various techniques, numerous manufactures, carvings, sculptures and photographs.  Also a selection of homeland collection with works whose authors are natives of Ražanac and its surroundings was exposed. The themes of their works are Ražanac and its surroundings.

Marina Grbić and Stefani Mikulec led the opening programme. At the very beginning the word was given to poet Marija Perković, who shared poems from hers rich literary opus with all the visitors. During the ceremony, 18 artists who exhibited their work were represented. Later in the programme, everybody was thrilled when local elementary school student Luka Miletić performed his monologue „Ražanačke face” (the celebrities from Ražanac). Atmosphere was raised by children’s folklore group led by teacher Iva Čačić, who danced Ražanačko kolo dressed in folk costumes. Members of folklore group Nadalina Olić and Ivan Teklić cut the ribbon, and the exhibition was officially opened.

The event was sponsored by the local winemakers: Šime Lilić with wine „Burin”, Camp „Puntica” with red wine”Puntica” and Božo Benić with wine „Božo”. Sweet and salty snacks were prepared and served by hardworking women from Ražanac and its surroundings. These types of events are very important for the community, because children, young people and adults in that way learn the significance of artistic and creative expression, enrich the cultural events and initiate mutual projects and events, like this exhibition. During this summer, numerous events will be held, and all events will be announced on official web site of Tourist office Ražanac (www.razanac-tzo.net). Local people and their guests were thrilled by the exhibition, which was open for visitors till July 7th, 2014.

The names of the artists are: academic painter Ivan Zelić, Iva Čačić, Jernej Hribar, Stefani Mikulec, Iris Thoma, Šime Lilić, Kata Barbarić, Edmond Miletić, Nikola Kožul, Šime Kožul-Niko, Ivan Knezović, Tina Žagar, Nevenka Tkalčević, Duje Škulić, Tonija Škulić, Vesela Miletić, Bonaventura Žagar and Živko Kožul.