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Obligations of the landlord with Obtained a decision authorizing the provision of services in the household

Obligations of the landlord with Obtained a decision authorizing the provision of services in the household

The owner who performs services accommodation in the household by making the categorization and Obtained granting permission for the provision of services in the household shall (1st to 10th):

  1. obtain and keep a book list yet;
  2. obtain and maintain the register of trade;
  3. in each object prominent indication of the type and object categories, the prices of services offered, information about paying the tax and comply with these prices,
  4. buy block accounts (“Paragon”) and issued for each service provided indicating the type of services provided, quantity and price, and the approved rates, and the amount of tax – just ‘renters to 4 bed if you opt for it;
  5. each year a certificate to the host family doctor and family members do not suffer from mental and Infectious Diseases

6. providers diet should obtain confirmation of the blood establishment that he and family members are not recorded on the carriage and parasites;

7. report stays in tourist community.

8. Under the membership fees at the tourist office, the citizens who are registered for the provision of accommodation, households are required to pay dues tourist board.

9. Rents in the area of ​​Rtina Ražanac and pay dues at the rate: 0.184%, while the owners from the area Ljubco pay dues at the rate: 0.144%. The rate of dues is applied to the total annual income earned on the basis of an accommodation in the household (from the book of records of transactions).

  • Calculation of fees for tourist area of ​​Ražanac, Rtina and Ljubco: total income x specified percentage
  • In order for the payment by the landlord fills shall contain the following information:
Recipient: TZO Razanac
Account number: HR33 1001 0051 7371 2715 0
Model: HR67
reference number: enter the VAT renters
Description Payment: Payment tourist dues
  • Taxpayers tourist dues are required to provide Tax Administration (by place of residence) to submit the form TZ – form the calculation of the tourist fee, no later than the end of February for the previous year.

10. The tourist tax you pay per night or a lump sum. Rural households, firms and carriers crafts mandatory pay per night, while private renters necessarily pay a lump sum, unless they have only one accommodation to 4 beds (no extra) and if you are in an area that has an average of less than 40 days Availability – you can choose .

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The above information is available in a brief guide for landlords that you can download here .