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The tumulus Matakova glavica

The tumulus Matakova glavica

The tumulus Matakova glavica is on the right side of the road Zadar-Pag, 280m east from the tumulus Jokina glavica, in the near of an old Christian twin churches, at the site Glavčine. The dimensions of Matakova glavica are slightly smaller from the two other tumulus nearby, Jokina and Duševića glavica. In the past tumulus was exposed to agricultural work, which probably affected the degree of preservation of the graves on its middle part and on the edges.

Prehistoric part separates by existing circular stone platform in the middle of the tumulus. Fragments of prehistoric pots that were found on unruined part of the dyke, indicate that the burning rituals occurred there, like also on tumulus Jokina glavica nearby.

Except from the remains of pots, at the embankment of tumulus, around 200 pieces of prehistoric pottery were found. A part of spiral disk, a part of spiral wire and a spiral decoration were found there.It is not excluded that all of  those parts were from the same object. In only one grave, the skeletal remains were found and those are the only remains found at the entire site. Between the layers of the graves, Roman commemorative coins of Constantine the great were found.