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The tumulus Jokina glavica

The tumulus Jokina glavica

The discovered graves on this tumulus are particularly significant because they are the first reliable examples of such burial method in this part of the eastern Adriatic coast and its hinterland. Because of the damage that was caused at the excavations by the agricultural activities, it didn’t preserve its original size and shape when you compare it with tumulus Duševića glavica and Matakova glavica. Prehistoric graves discovered in the tumulus contain burned human remains stored in four urns. In all urns different types of bronze jewelry were found.

The medieval graves discovered on this tumulus are significantly numerous, 18 in total. According to the structure the graves can be divided into the graves of the ordinary earthen pits and wooden caskets, but the most numerous graves are the ones with stone grave architecture. An interesting burial example is discovered in one of the discovered graves where two untreated stones were laid on a skeleton. In the early Slavic cemeteries this phenomenon was associated with vampirism. If there was a belief that the person who died was a vampire, a large stone was put on his corpse so he couldn’t got out of the grave.

A lot of jewellery like anklets, earrings, simply decorated rings and glass beads necklaces were found there. Besides that, contributions of utilitarian objects like blades, awls, friction with flints and cult ceramics.