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The tumulus Duševića glavica

The tumulus Duševića glavica

The tumulus Duševića glavica is on a prominent position, 250m northeast from the church dedicated to Our Lady of Snow in Krneza. The remains of 11 graves were found in this tumulus. Two of them belong to the prehistoric  period and nine graves belong to medieval period.

One prehistoric grave is a stone chest that has 2 bigger panels on the side and 2 smaller panels on the transverse side.  The remains of two deceased people (man and woman) were found in this grave. One of them was placed on its right hip in a shriveled position. The remains were preserved in 8 medieval graves, and in some of them even grave goods were preserved.

Numerous objects, like a metal needle with a fully casted head and extended neck, decorated by numerous parallel straight and zig-zag lines, ceramic bowls, parts of a blade and a very valuable belt set were found here. Although this tumulus was quite destroyed due to weather and atmospheric actions, Duševića glavica offers you an interesting picture of the sequence of burials, usage patterns and other different burial customs from Bronze Age to early Middle Ages.