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The legend of the heroine Nidić

The legend of the heroine Nidić

At the beginning of the Cretan war in 1646 Turks attacked Ražanac. But they had no success, thanks to ingenuity and courage of women from Ražanac, but most of all, according to the legend, the heroine Nidić. During big wars at the area of Eastern Europe, Bosnian Pasha Ibrahim by orders of Constantinople, decided to attack Dalmatia. Halil-beg from Sanjak Lika, together with few thousands soldiers, went across Ravni Kotari to attack Nin. At that time Nin was a beautiful and a rich city. On that path, 709 riders broke away and headed towards Ražanac.

They burned and robbed every village through which they passed. Ražanac, however, was well fortified: from the north, east and west with the sea, and with thick wall with three towers from the south. At the outer side of the wall there were two hovels (a small stone houses covered with straw), where armed men that held guard at night were. Their task was to inform the people in time about the Turkish threat.

Because of frequent Turk attacks, the inhabitants of Ražanac and surrounding villages have requested help in manpower from Venetian Senate, and 20 soldiers were sent for defense. Venetian soldiers always stayed in the fortress, while the men from Ražanac who were capable to carry weapons, fought with the Turks in surrounding villages to defend their homes.

The same thing happened that day when 709 Turkish soldiers attacked Ražanac. The men from Ražanac went to help people in Nin, because they have heard that a giant Turkish army went to attack it. Elderly people, women with children, and 20 Venetian soldiers stayed in Ražanac. The men were only 5 or 6 km away from Ražanac when a Venetian soldier noticed the giant Turkish army and started shouting and ringing the bells. Knowing what kind of danger the Turks are, everybody went running to the fortress carrying knives, charging guns, carrying all the tools they can get.

The leader of this odd troop was an older lady Nidić, who went in front of everybody with the gun on the shoulder and the knife in her hand. She climbed on the wall and spoke very encouraging, asking them to follow her. They started attacking the Turks with whatever they could get; the losses were big on both sides. Turks were too strong and only minutes away from conquering Ražanac. Then the luck changed. One of those hovels was on fire, and heroine Nidić saw that as chance to win. While the other women were fighting, she and her four companions took bee hives and threw it in the fire. The bees went madly out of it, stabbing everyone in the near. The Turks were shocked, but heroine Nidić didn’t stop there, she started shouting braver than ever. She pretended like she saw help coming. The Turks went running from Ražanac, leaving all their gear behind them.

That is a short story of how, that day at „bulwark of Christianity”, by the help of an unsophisticated and poor old woman and a small number of brave women Ražanac was defended from Turks. Since that day heroine Nidić enjoyed the highest reputation in Ražanac, mothers told stories to the children, the heroes respected her, and young women sung songs about her in Ražanačko kolo.


Parts of the text were taken from „History of Ražanac” written by Darko Dušević.

„The Legend of the heroine Nidić” was published in Zora Dalmatinska nr.12, on March 18th, 1884., written by Vladislav Vežić, a poet from Vinjerac.

The legend served as a motive for the design of the coat of arms of the Municipality of Ražanac.